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Hayner Library Offers Reference Service Downtown

LIB SIGNThe Hayner Public Library District is happy to announce that we now offer reference services at our downtown location. Reference librarian Sharon Schaefer will work at the Hayner Downtown Library on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. and Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Reference services will continue to be offered at the Alton Square Mall library Monday through Saturday.

With reference services offered at both library locations, patrons will now have more assistance with computers, finding information, learning how to use Hayner subscription databases, and test proctoring.
The reference department provides many valuable services, including:

• Reference staff can acquire books for patrons from all over the country via our interlibrary loan service.
• Reference assistance is available in finding books for research papers.
• Assistance is available for navigating Hayner’s online resources located on the Hayner website.
• You can get computer help with your research needs, filling out an application, setting up a Microsoft Word document, and general searching
of the Internet.
• Subscription database instruction is available through the reference department. Hayner Library subscribes to research databases enabling you to find up-to-date, full-text articles on many topics for your research papers. There are also general use databases available such as Auto Repair Reference Center and Consumer Reports.
• Help is available with searching the online newspaper archives.
• Test proctoring is available by appointment.

Whether we are researching answers or assisting you in locating books to read for pleasure, the reference staff is ready to help. Reference librarians can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via email (; a reference librarian will respond to your query as soon as possible. Or you may contact our reference department by phone (618-433-2864) or in person at the Hayner libraries.

New Service: "Almost Overdue" Notices

Due Date ReminderThe Hayner Public Library District is happy to announce that we are now providing “almost overdue” notices to patrons who are signed up to receive text and/or email notifications from the library. The “almost overdue” notice is automatically generated three days before library items are due and is sent via text and/or email (patrons can choose their preferred method of contact).

We are also providing text and/or email notifications 30 days before your library card expires.

Please note: The “almost overdue” notices are generated by the SHARE network, an automated consortia of the Illinois Heartland Library System. “SHARE Notifications” will appear as the sender of the “almost overdue” text and/or email notification.

Patrons who wish to receive notices from the library via text and/or email may ask for assistance at the Circulation Desk of any library location. We currently offer text and email notifications for:

• Almost overdue items
• Overdue notices
• Hold notices (to alert you when items you have ordered are ready for pick-up)
• Library card expiration

Patrons may also choose to opt-out of the “almost overdue” notifications; please ask for assistance at the Circulation Desk if you would like to stop receiving these notifications.

You can manage your library account, including the online renewal of library materials, at

We hope that you find these notifications helpful—and an easy way to help eliminate overdue fines!

Free: Computer and Social Media Classes

Computer Computer ComputerComputer skills are essential for success in our technology-filled lives. The Hayner Public Library District offers free technology classes to help everyone— from the novice computer-user to those interested in fine-tuning their social media skills. Here is a list of the current computer and social media classes being offered at the library: 

PC Basics: Introduction to Computers 

Internet Basics

Microsoft Word for Beginners

Flash Drives and Saving Files

Computer Maintenance and Security

Cloud Library classes (eBooks)

Social Media Basics

Facebook Revealed

Exploring Pinterest and Twitter

Please note:  All classes are free of charge but do require registration; classes are held in the Multipurpose Room of the Alton Square Library. Be sure to check the library's newsletter or the Events Calendar on our website for a complete list of dates and times for each class. 

Scam Phone Calls

Phone Scam

A library patron in our region recently experienced a situation in which a scammer, claiming to be a library staff member, called their home and began demanding credit card payment for overdue library fees. The patron correctly guessed it was a scam and wisely called the library and the police.

It is important to note that this did not happen to a patron of The Hayner Public Library District. But as a precaution, we would like to take this opportunity to remind patrons that The Hayner Public Library District will never call you in an attempt to solicit credit card payments over the phone. We only accept payments at the library or via our secure online ePay system, which must be accessed through your online library account.

The Hayner Public Library District does call, text, and email patrons for notification of overdue materials and on-hold items.

We would strongly encourage you to contact the police and the library should you experience a scam phone call of this nature.

Cloud Library App: More Than Just eBooks!


The Cloud Library app is a free and convenient way to download e-books and e-audiobooks to your smartphone, tablet, and other mobile devices (over 40,750 items and growing!). But the Cloud Library app also provides other convenient uses as well, including a Virtual Library Card, quick access to your online library account, and the online card catalog.

The Virtual Library Card is a digital copy of your library card that is stored in the Cloud Library app; the Virtual Library Card can be scanned just like your Hayner Library card when checking out at the circulation desks. It’s a convenient back-up for the times you visit the library and forget your library card but have your phone with you.

You can also access both your online library account and the library’s online card catalog via the Cloud Library app—with one convenient click.

You can visit the library’s website and click on the Help With Your eReader or Download Audio and eBooks icons for more information on Cloud Library. And be sure to check out the library’s Events Calendar online for the date and time of our next free Cloud Library e-Book class.

Cloud Library: Free eBooks and eAudiobooks


Be sure to check out our Cloud Library instruction page for help downloading e-books and e-audios to your e-reader. Located under the Help With Your eReader tab, you'll find device-specific instructions guaranteed to help you navigate Cloud Library. If you're still having problems with Cloud Library, please feel free to ask library staff for assistance. We are happy to help!

Our High School Yearbook Collection Now Available Online

Book Stack 2Want to see a picture of your grandmother at the prom? Check out your dad’s 1960s Beatles-inspired mop-top or mom’s beehive? Look at old photos of the Marching 100 at Alton High, the Mission Club at Marquette, or the Philatelic Society at Western Military Academy? Now’s your chance to see it all from home, from the library, from anywhere you have an internet connection!

Several years ago, we participated in a yearbook digitizing project, and we are thrilled to announce that those yearbooks are now available to view online. With the help of volunteers and staff members, we uploaded all
of the years for the Western Military Academy Recall (1923–1971; there was never a 1950 yearbook produced), as well as the Alton High Tatler (1905–1988), and Marquette Catholic High School Explorer (1959–1988, except 1963). We also have more recent years for Alton High and Marquette available to view in the library.

A huge thank you to Bridget Heck, Yearbook Adviser at Alton High School, for letting us borrow copies of the Tatler, and to Bo Jackson for letting us borrow copies of the Recall that we didn’t already own.


Go to and search for a yearbook by title or by title and year. For example, “Alton Tatler” as a search term brings up all issues of the Tatler, but you can search “Alton Tatler 1945” and go straight to that year. Same
for the Western Military Recall and Marquette High Explorer.

Anything uploaded by the Hayner Genealogy & Local History Library is available here: The page can be organized by title, number of views, and school.

If you’d like to jump to a specific year of a specific school, this is the format (just change the year in the web address):

If you have any questions, please call (618) 462-0677, ext. 2865, or email us at

Library Savings

Savings 2It’s no secret that using your library can mean big savings, but it’s still an eye opener to be shown how much money you banked with each visit. A recent update to our library system now gives patrons insight into this information.

Much like the bottom of the receipt you get from the grocery store, the bottom of your due-date printout will inform you of the total amount of money you saved by checking out materials provided by your library since the update went into effect. What’s in your wallet? If the answer is your library card, then you will also have money in your pocket!

Tell us how much you have saved on our Facebook page!


Passport to Your National Parks Stamp Site

Looking for Lincoln 2The Genealogy & Local History Library is proud to announce that we are one of the newest Passport to Your National Parks stamp sites! Alton is part of the Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area (ALNHA) and was named an official Looking for Lincoln community in September. That designation allowed local organizations to become part of the ALNHA’s National Park Service passport program.

There are a total of 21 Looking for Lincoln passport sites in Illinois. In addition to Alton, ALNHA communities include Springfield, Bloomington/Normal, Quincy, Charleston, and Danville. Each community can only have one or two passport stamp locations, so we’re very lucky to be a designated site. Passport stamps are free to collect and if you don’t already have a National Park Service Passport, they are available for sale at the Alton Regional Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB).

The passport program provides opportunities for visitors to explore the communities where Lincoln lived, worked, and traveled in Illinois. The CVB has always promoted the Alton area’s connection to Lincoln and was on board immediately. “Being a passport stamp site is really an added benefit for the region,” Alton Regional CVB President and CEO Brett Stawar said. “We have a rich Lincoln heritage in Alton, and bringing in the passport will give visitors a great reason to come walk with us in Mr. Lincoln’s footsteps. The popularity of the National Park Service’s passport program will be another reason to love our destination.”

When the staff at CVB contacted Hayner about being the second Alton site, we were very thrilled. The Genealogy & Local History Library made perfect sense as a passport stamp site. The library has many historic books about Abraham Lincoln and generally has Lincoln photographs and artifacts on display. In the mid-1850’s Lincoln’s law partner, William Herndon was a speaker in the Alton Library Association’s lecture series. We even have some items reportedly owned by Mary Todd Lincoln at the library. We also have an original letter from Mr. Lincoln to Simeon Ryder dated from 1844.

In Alton, you can get your National Parks passport stamped at the Alton Regional Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB), 200 Piasa Street, or the Hayner Genealogy & Local History Library, 401 State Street. Being a passport site is very exciting for us and we are looking forward to being part of the Lincoln experience. For more information about the program, check out the Looking for Lincoln website We hope to see you and your passport at the library soon!

Support Your Library

Support Your LibraryThere are two safe, easy ways to support The Hayner Public Library District without even writing a check. The first is by obtaining a Schnucks eScrip card and designating The Hayner Public Library District as your charity of choice. Every time you present the card at check-out, the library receives up to 3% of your purchase total. The cards are available at the service desk of any Schnucks store. Instructions for signing up are simple and easy-to-follow. If you already have a card please consider adding The Hayner Public Library District. This can be done online or by calling 800-931-6258.

The second way to support the library is through the AmazonSmile foundation. Once you designate Hayner Public Library as your chosen charity, the library will receive a small percentage of your eligible purchases through You may sign up for AmazonSmile online at Instructions for using the site are available when you register. Once you’ve made your designation, the process is automatic.
If you have any questions about participating in either program, please call the library’s business office at 462-0677 for additional information.

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