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Hayner Library Delivery ServiceThe Hayner Public Library District supports an extensive Homebound program that delivers library materials to patrons throughout our community. Staffed by Delivery Service Manager Esther Gillespie and Library Assistant Hector Lozano, the department delivers new
library materials to patrons at their residences every two to four weeks. The service currently delivers to eleven residential facilities, including Rosewood Care Center, Skyline Towers Apartments, Hillcrest Apartments, Extended Care Facility at St. Clare's Villa, Weston Terrace–United Methodist Village, Addus Adult Day Services, St. Clare's Villa, St. Clare's Rehabilitation Services, United Methodist Village, Fountains IV, Provision Living at Godfrey, Glenhaven Gardens of Alton, and Marian Heights Apartments.The service also delivers directly to patrons' homes on either an extended or temporary basis. A patron can receive a full selection of library materials including books, audiobooks,CDs, and DVDs. If the item the patron requests is not available from Hayner's collections, it will be ordered from another library.

To sign up for the service, just call 433-2863. You will be asked what kind of materials you would like, how many, and how frequently you
would like delivery. Materials will be selected for you based on your personal preferences (fiction, nonfiction, mysteries, biographies,
etc.). Esther, Hector, and three volunteers select and deliver hundreds of items a month. Homebound Services also maintains three
satellite library locations at Senior Services Plus, Provision Living at Godfrey, and Glenhaven Gardens of Alton. 

You don't have to forgo using your library. Let Homebound Delivery Services bring Hayner Library to you!

Pay Your Fees Online

In order to pay your library fines online, you must first log in to your online library account. Once you are logged in, please follow the instructions below:

You can login to your account by clicking here.

Log in to your library account and click on the Fines and Fees link:


Check the box of the fine(s) you wish to pay. Click on the Pay Fines Now! link.


A payment box will appear. Click on the Continue button. This will direct you to the Illinois ePay website where you can pay your fine(s).

Note: This particular ePay site will look different than the ePay site you may be used to using. This site is a partnership between the Illinois State Treasurer’s office (ePay) and the library software company (Polaris). This integration makes it possible for your fine to be automatically removed from your library account rather than waiting for library staff to process the fine.


From here you will be prompted to enter your name, contact information, and credit/debit card information.  The ePay program will accept most major credit/debit cards; it will not accept Visa. You will receive a receipt upon payment. Your fine will automatically clear from your account when the payment is received.

Download eAudiobooks & eBooks

You can download eBooks and eAudiobooks through the following resource: 

Do you have a child who loves spending time with animals? Is your child afraid to read out loud? If you answered yes, then we have just the program for you.

Join members of Therapy Dog International and The Hayner Public Library District for our Bow-wow Pow-wow Reading Program. The program enables children of all ages to read an age-appropriate short story of their choice to a certified pet therapy dog.

The intent of the program is to make reading fun and boost the child’s confidence in reading out loud. As word of the success of this program has spread, we’ve been contacted by libraries as far away as Colorado and North Carolina interested in starting their own reading programs.

Parents interested in starting their child in this program should contact The Hayner Public Library District. Call 462-0677 and ask how you can pre-register for some special reading time with a therapy dog. Be sure to bring your camera to record your child having a doggone good time!   

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