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Pay Your Fees Online

In order to pay your library fines online, you must first log in to your online library account. Once you are logged in, please follow the instructions below:

You can login to your account by clicking here.

Log in to your library account and click on the Fines and Fees link:


Check the box of the fine(s) you wish to pay. Click on the Pay Fines Now! link.


A payment box will appear. Click on the Continue button. This will direct you to the Illinois ePay website where you can pay your fine(s).

Note: This particular ePay site will look different than the ePay site you may be used to using. This site is a partnership between the Illinois State Treasurer’s office (ePay) and the library software company (Polaris). This integration makes it possible for your fine to be automatically removed from your library account rather than waiting for library staff to process the fine.


From here you will be prompted to enter your name, contact information, and credit/debit card information.  The ePay program will accept most major credit/debit cards; it will not accept Visa. You will receive a receipt upon payment. Your fine will automatically clear from your account when the payment is received.

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