Wireless Internet

Free Wireless Access

You are invited to explore The Hayner Public Library District’s fast Internet network using your wireless-enabled device. Free access is provided at all Hayner locations when the libraries are open.

How To Connect

Use your computer’s built-in wireless software to connect to the Wi-Fi network labeled HaynerLibrary.

Open your web browser and wait for it to redirect you to the Hayner Library Wi-Fi log-on screen. Enter your library barcode and PIN in the login box located in the Internet browser after connecting to the Hayner Library Wi-Fi network. If you do not have a library barcode and PIN, please ask for a guest account number at the Circulation Desk.

Hardware Requirements

  • Any portable PC, notebook computer, pocket PC, PDA, or gaming device that is Wi-Fi enabled.
  • Your computer must have an 802.11a, 802.11b, or 802.11g based Ethernet device installed.

Software Requirements

  • Use a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Opera.
  • Set your TCP client software to obtain addresses automatically from a server (DHCP).
  • Configure TCP/IP software by opening the Network Connections icon in the Control Panel. Right-click on Wireless connection and choose Properties. Under Protocol settings, select TCP/IP. Set the IP address to obtain an IP address automatically. Leave all other fields blank. Restart the laptop for the changes to take effect.


  • If the login page says that you are already logged in but you cannot surf to different web pages, try navigating to publicnetwork.haynerlibrary.org and clicking on the “End My Session” button in the address bar and try logging in again. If this does not work, please see a customer service desk; your computer may be in quarantine and blocked.
  • Some pop-up blockers will foil the login process. It is suggested that you temporarily disable all pop-up blockers or add to allow pop-ups before logging in.
  • For bandwidth considerations, peer-to-peer networking software (P2P) is not allowed on the Wi-Fi network. If connected to P2P programs, our software will detect it, disconnect you from the wireless network, and place your MAC address into “quarantine,” where it will be blocked until unblocked by an administrator (it sounds severe, but it is only meant as a deterrent). Be sure to turn this software off before connecting to the Wi-Fi network. If you are in quarantine, please turn off your P2P software and let the Customer Service Desk know that you were disconnected. The librarian will call IT and they can remove you from quarantine. Please note that IT is available Monday-Friday until 5 p.m.
  • If you are unable to connect and are from out-of-state, the Customer Service Desk can create a guest account for a public computer with free Internet access.

Limitations and Disclaimers

  • The Library’s wireless network is not secure. Information sent from or to your device can be captured by anyone else with a wireless device and the appropriate software, within three hundred feet.
  • Library staff is not able to provide technical assistance, and no guarantee can be provided that you will be able to make a wireless connection.
  • The Library assumes no responsibility for the safety of equipment or laptop configurations, security, or data files resulting from connection to the Library’s network.