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The Hayner Public Library District's StoryWalk® is located on the Frog Trail at The Nature Institute in Godfrey, IL. This StoryWalk® is available April through November when The Nature Institute trails are open. During the winter months (December-March), our StoryWalk is moved indoors to Alton Square Mall. 

jcaThis month's StoryWalk® book is John's Camping Adventures by JoAnn Dickenson (author) and Daria Shamolina (Illustrator). 

This Fun Camping Book is the first in this new series about a young boy experiencing camping and traveling to unique places. It is a colorful and fun, rhyming picture book teaching children about nature, family time, and new adventures with friends. Your child will fall in love with John and his love of nature while he experiences new firsts in his life like catching a fish, hiking with nature, and collecting keepsakes. But most of all John loves the family time spent together on weekends.

The StoryWalk® Project was created by Anne Ferguson of Montpelier, VT, and developed in collaboration with the Kellog-Hubbard Library. StoryWalk® is a registered service mark owned by Ms. Ferguson.

The Nature Institute is located at 2213 S. Levis Lane, Godfrey, IL 62035.

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Hayner Library Delivery Service

Hayner Library Delivery ServiceThe Hayner Public Library District supports an extensive Delivery Service program that delivers library materials to patrons throughout our community. Staffed by Delivery Service Manager Esther Gillespie and Library Assistant Bruce Bertolino, the department delivers new library materials to patrons at their residences every two to four weeks. The service currently delivers to many residential facilities, including Integrity Healthcare, Rosewood Care Center, Skyline Towers Apartments, Hillcrest Apartments, St. Clare's Villa, Weston Terrace–Asbury Village, Asbury Village, Cedarhurst of Godfrey, Morningside of Godfrey, Evergreen Place, and Marian Heights Apartments. The service also delivers directly to patrons' homes on either an extended or temporary basis. A patron can receive a full selection of library materials including books, audiobooks, CDs, and DVDs. If an item the patron requests is not available from Hayner's collections, it will be ordered from another library. Please call 618-433-2863 to sign-up for Delivery Service. You will be asked what kind of materials you would like, how many, and how frequently you would like delivery. Materials will be selected for you based on your personal preferences (fiction, nonfiction, mysteries, biographies, etc.). Esther and Bruce select and deliver hundreds of items a month. Delivery Service also maintains four satellite library locations at Senior Services Plus, Morningside of Godfrey, Asbury Village, and Evergreen Place. You don't have to forgo using your library. Let Hayner Delivery Service bring Hayner Library to you!

Pay Your Fees Online

Pay Your Fees Online

In order to pay your library fines online, you must first log in to your online library account. Once you are logged in, please follow the instructions below:

You can login to your account by clicking here.

  • Click on the My Account link.
  • Enter your library card number and PIN.
  • Click on the Fines & Fees link to view your fines and fees information. This will include a breakdown of individual fines/fees, including the amount of the original fine/fee, balances remaining, the date the fine/fee was assessed, etc.
  • Click the boxes next to each fine/fee for which you wish to pay. Click on the Pay Fines Now button.
  • Confirm your total and click on the Continue button. You will be redirected to the Illinois ePay site. This secure online payment site is offered by the Illinois State Treasurer’s office.
  • You do NOT have to create an Illinois ePay account in order to pay your library fines and fees through Illinois ePay. Click on the Skip Login and Pay button to make a payment. Follow the Illinois ePay prompts to make your payment. 

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