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Book Bundles: A New Readers' Advisory Service from Hayner Library

JPBBLooking for your next great read? Let us help you find your next favorite author or genre! Hayner Library has an adult book recommendation service to help you find books you like: Book Bundles!

Here’s how Book Bundles works:

Fill out the Book Bundles registration form on the Hayner Library website (located on the homepage, about halfway down the page). You can also email the Reference Department at or call the library at 618-462-0677.

The Book Bundles registration form allows you to specify your favorite reading genres, authors, titles, and other reading preference information. Once you submit the registration form, our staff will select books for you based on your criteria. After we gather the books, we will give you a call and have them waiting for you at your preferred Hayner Library location. It’s simple!

For more information about the Book Bundles program, please email or call 618-462-0677. 

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